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In 2013 a remarkable project called “Time Whisperers” took place to record aural histories from many of the older people in the area with memories of the valley going as far back as World War Two.  Links to these recordings are available below, together with many of the posters that were the centrepiece of an exhibition held to celebrate the project in the village hall in September 2013.  The project also collected many old photographs which have been put together as a YouTube Video called Time Whisperers TV.  Many thanks must go to Rob MacDonald and the rest of the Time Whisperers team for putting together this remarkable archive.

We have supplemented the Time Whisperers’ work with additional pieces on the history of the village hall, a link to Wiltshire Council’s history of the valley, and a recording of the radio programme “Down Your Way” which was recorded in Great Durnford in 1995. Many thanks to Patricia Powell for making this recording available.

We also have a link to the Woodford Valley Jubilee Map which shows a detailed map of the valley at the time of The Queen’s coronation in 1952. This map was assembled from original detailed Ordnance Survey maps of the time by Elizabeth Keatinge and Nigel Wood.

If you have more historical material relating to the valley that you would like to have included here please contact