Under the Parish Council Act of 1894, the transfer of power from the vestries to the newly formed parish councils took place. In other words, the overseeing and ordering of the affairs of a parish became the responsibility of a civil rather than an ecclesiastical body.

There are three statutory councils in the Woodford Valley – Durnford Parish Council, Woodford Parish Council, and Lake Parish Meeting. Since the Boundaries Commission Review of 2020/21, they all now fall within the Till Valley division of Wiltshire Council

DURNFORD PARISH COUNCIL serves the area from North Barn, Great Durnford through Netton and Salterton to Little Durnford. Seven elected councillors serve for a term of four years.

WOODFORD PARISH COUNCIL covers an area from Upper Woodford, through Middle Woodford, onto Lower Woodford and ends at the boundary with Stratford-sub-Castle. Seven elected councillors serve for a term of four years.

LAKE PARISH MEETING serves Lake, Wilsford and Normanton. A Parish Meeting differs from a Parish Council in as much that it is a parish with fewer than 200 electors. It is a form of direct democracy where all the electors of the parish are entitled to attend any meetings. It has the statutory powers of a parish council and elects a chairman and parish clerk to act on its behalf.

All elected councillors abide by the National Association of Local Councils’ Code of Conduct for Parish Councils.


Durnford Parish Council


Woodford Parish Council


Lake Meeting


Parish Clerk

Rae Owen

01722 782910

Unitary Councillor for Till Valley Ward

Kevin Daley


Wiltshire Council


Woodford PC

Click here for the Agendas and Minutes for Woodford Valley Parish Council meetings.

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Durnford PC

Click here for the Agendas and Minutes for Durnford Parish Council meetings.

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Lake Meeting

Click here for the Agendas and Minutes for Lake Meeting meetings.

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The Following Planning Applications relating to the Woodford Valley are currently under consideration by Wiltshire Council: NoLocationDescriptionPL/2021/11914Land Adjacent to High Post Business Park, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP4 6ATMixed use employment led development including the erection of 8 buildings amounting to 12,744 sq.m GIA (Use Classes E(g), B2 (general industrial), B8 (storage and distribution), sui generis (trade...

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