The Time Whisperers bring the past to life by recording and presenting oral histories from the Woodford Valley, north of Salisbury in Wiltshire, UK.

Over the past year, The Time Whisperers team has recorded around twenty interviews with a wide range of individuals with memories of life in The Woodford Valley, recounting personal stories dating as far back as the 1930s.

The Time Whisperers first event at the Village Hall, Middle Woodford on 21/22nd September 2013 presented a selection of stories combined with stunning photos and artefacts to showcase the project’s work.

Full Interviews

Sally Feltham Recorded 17/07/2013

Helen Hosier Recorded 25/07/2013 

Marjery Truckle Recorded 11/07/2013

George Freer Recorded 10/07/2013 

Sam Lavender Recorded 15/06/2013 

Betty Evans Recorded 22/06/13

Phylis Wigmore Recorded 20/02/2013

Ann Carr Recorded 12/03/2013

Phylis Wigmore Recorded 20/02/2013

Stephanie Down Recorded 24/06/2013

Alan Thies Recorded 06/03/2013

Monty Hazzard Recorded 05/06/2013 

Janet Moore Recorded 21/03/2013 

Barbara Portnall Recorded 27/11/2012

Patricia Powell Recorded 15/12/2012

Mike Penny Recorded 01/12/2012

Des Dear Recorded 16/11/2012

Bob Edwards Recorded 12/11/2012

Carolyn Bridger Recorded: 17/10/2012 


North Stream

Fifteen stories about Lake, Wilsford and Great Durnford from the 1930s to the 1970s. Total running time 30 mins.

Topics include farming, school days, pantomimes, chuch, pubs, people and places.

  • Betty Evans 01:30 1940s Lake We always had to say our grace
  • George Freer 01:35 1930s Wilsford The school dentist-cum-butcher
  • Barbara Portnall 02:10 1940s Lake The hula skirt pantomime
  • George Freer 03:50 1930s Wilsford How (and why) Wilsford School’s headmistress kept discipline
  • Janet Moore 01:45 1970s Great Durnford Church flowers, weddings and hassocks
  • Stephanie Down 00:35 1960s Great Durnford The Old School House, Gt Durnford
  • Mike Penney 03:10 1950s Great Durnford His grandfather’s house on Jubilee Hill – no water, no electricity
  • Betty Evans 02:50 1940s Lake Her neighbours and their jobs
  • Alan Thies 02:15 1960s Lake Miss Dorris Potter: pantomime director, producer, costumier
  • Barbara Portnall 01:00 1960s Lake Pantomime: off-stage capers
  • George Freer 01:52 1930s Wilsford Harvesting with waggon and horses
  • Stephanie Down 02:45 1970s Lake Pantomime: The cast, the chief, her stage and its cover
  • Phylis Wigmore 00:55 1960s Lake Pantomime: Que sera sera
  • Patricia Powell 00:55 1940s Great Durnford The making of the cricket field (and teas)
  • Stephanie Down 00:35 1970s Great Durnford Fred and Ivy at The Black Horse after cricket

Middle Stream

Seventeen stories about Upper Woodford, Netton and High Post from the 1930s to the 2000s. Total running time 25 mins.

Topics include shops, livestock, entertainment, work, childhood and crop circles.

  • Ann Carr 02:20 1950s Upper Woodford Stables, prize horses, prize pigs and heffers
  • Bob Edwards 00:40 1930s Upper Woodford The blacksmith, Leonard Moody
  • Marjery Truckle 01:55 1930s Netton Scrumping apples on the way to school
  • Helen Hosier 00:55 2000s Upper Woodford The crop circle in the corn
  • Sam Lavender 01:35 1940s Upper Woodford My very first day on the farm
  • Margery Truckle 01:40 1940s High Post War work at Waeco
  • Monty Hazzard 03:15 1940s Netton School romances, singing and mistreating cabbages
  • Helen Hosier 01:25 1960s Upper Woodford The Home Market and local deliveries
  • Alan Thies 00:15 1960s Upper Woodford The Home Market, butcher and grocer
  • Sally Feltham 02:10 1960s Upper Woodford The Home Market, local deliveries and Thornton’s cakes
  • Patricia Powell 00:25 1950s Netton A ‘bought cake’ from the baker
  • Carolyn Bridger 00:20 1950s Netton The Girl’s Friendly Society
  • Des Dear 01:35 1950s Netton Amateur Dramatics – serious business
  • Carolyn Bridger 02:15 1960s Netton Events at the Netton Hut: cards, dancing and music
  • Mike Penney 02:50 1950s Netton The Crown Inn – cider with granny
  • Helen Hosier 01:15 1990s Upper Woodford Hippies, druids and the Mother Barrow
  • Sam Lavender 00:55 1940s High Post Working at Waeco and the Salisbury bombing

South Stream

Eighteen stories about Middle Woodford, Lower Woodford and Salisbury from the 1930s to the 1970s. Total running time 23 mins.

Topics include school, bombs, bulls, the post office, pigs, pubs and performances.

  • Barbara Portnall 01:50 1930s Middle Woodford School days, spellings, cocoa, and the cold
  • Sally Feltham 00:30 1970s Middle Woodford Betty Blake – school cook
  • Des Dear 00:30 1940s Middle Woodford The new dog delivered by post
  • Bob Edwards 00:55 1950s Lower Woodford Managing the water meadows
  • Ann Carr 00:30 1940s Salisbury The bombing of Salisbury
  • Mike Penney 01:05 1960s Lower Woodford How to share a pig
  • Betty Evans 01:45 1930s Salisbury and High Post Leaving school and starting work at 13
  • Des Dear 02:35 1940s Middle Woodford The Post Office at Middle Woodford
  • Alan Thies 00:50 1970s Middle Woodford Three different Post Offices
  • Sylvia Gulliver 01:05 1950s Middle Woodford Shops and pig keeping
  • Mike Penney 00:55 1950s Middle Woodford Milk straight from the cow at Heale Farm
  • Barbara Portnall 02:10 1930s Middle Woodford School trips to the seaside (one monkey to another)
  • Des Dear 01:20 1940s Middle Woodford What the Post Office sells
  • Sally Feltham 02:35 1970s Lower Woodford Football and The Wheatsheaf
  • Stephanie Down 01:10 1970s Middle Woodford Life in the church choir
  • Monty Hazzard 00:40 1950s Middle Woodford Playing accordion at the variety shows
  • Stephanie Down 00:30 1960s Middle Woodford Putting on a show with the bell ringers
  • Bob Edwards 00:45 1940s Salisbury Bull sales in the market square