Big Hogg are a Canterbury influenced group from Glasgow. Composing their own music with strands of progressive rock , jazz , soul and folk elements , the band have released 4 critically acclaimed albums on UK label Bad Elephant Music garnering fans all over Europe. They are currently working on their fifth album before embarking on series of concerts throughout the UK during June and July 2024.

“Big Hogg are certainly mining a very interesting seam and they will hopefully be able to create more marvellous music in this style soon. I certainly hope that they continue in this manner as this band have a lot to offer and will appeal to lovers of modern progressive music.” – John Wenlock Smith  (Progradar music reviews)

“It’s really refreshing to hear a band that’s labelled as ‘Prog Rock’, genuinely doing something so original, left-field and truly experimental. The uses of the Brass and Flutes really sets the band apart from anyone else and I hope to hear more from them in future.” Spirit Rocks Magazine

“a visually powerful album, with both its lyrical imagery and multi layered harmonies conjuring various historical eras and geographical areas, from Kevin Ayers’ England to the late 60s/ 70s Californian West Coast, with a hint of New York and Chicago in between” Moof magazine

“Big Hogg have really done it: ‘Gargoyles’ is one of the more unique, fun, and singular releases I’ve heard in awhile. The album fully inhabits that 1967-1969 period without coming off as retro, and it’s at least as upbeat as it is offbeat. Don’t fear the strange and unfamiliar, folks; embrace the weird and the wonderful. There are plenty of sing-along hooks and smile-inducing horn breaks here to carry a new listener through the initiation, and once you’re in, you’ll have twice as much fun as your benighted friends. Recommended for fans of progressive music, jazz, Bob Fosse dance sequences, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore films, boozy halloween parties, and Stonehenge.” Record Collector Magazine

Date:  Monday 22 July 2024
Time:  8pm
Doors Open: 7.30pm
Bar available